Using NSUserDefaults is great when you want to save small amounts of application data such as log in, last settings, etc

An Example


	NSUserDefaults *NonVolatile = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
	[NonVolatile setObject:@"TextToSave" forKey:@"keyToLookupString"];	//Saving an NSString
	[NonVolatile setInteger:42 forKey:@"integerKey"];					//Saving an NSInteger
	[NonVolatile setBool:YES forKey:@"boolKey"];						//Saving a BOOL
	[NonVolatile setDouble:3.1415 forKey:@"doubleKey"];					//saving a Double
	[NonVolatile setFloat:1.2345678 forKey:@"floatKey"];				//Saving a Float
	[NonVolatile synchronize];

	NSUserDefaults *NonVolatile = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
	NSString *myString = [NonVolatile stringForKey:@"keyToLookupString"];		//Getting an NSString
	NSInteger myInt = [NonVolatile integerForKey:@"integerKey"];				//Getting an NSInteger (default if not present: 0)
	bool myBool = [NonVolatile integerForKey:@"boolKey"];						//Getting a BOOL (default if not present: NO)
	float myFloat = [NonVolatile floatForKey:@"floatKey"];						//Getting an Float (default if not present: 0)