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Write string to the console


	NSLog(@"This is the string being used: %@", MyStringName);

	NSLog(@"%d", SomeVariable);					//Display decimal variable

	NSLog(@"%d", SomeBool);						//Display boolean variable

	NSLog(@"%@", SomeDate);						//Display Date variable

	NSLog(@"%f, %f, %f", [accel x], [accel y], [accel z]);	//Display float values

	NSLog(@"%0.2f", SomeFloat);						//Display float variable to 2 decimal places

	NSLog(@"%lu", (unsigned long)[SomeVariable retainCount]));		//Display variables retain count
	//To avoid the warning you must use the (unsigned long) to cast variables which are not

	NSLog(@"%c", SomeVariable);						//Display Char from variable